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May, 2019

Pitch, Hit, and Run Competition Rescheduled for Saturday May 18th

Stratford Little League will be hosting their own exclusive Pitch, Hit, and Run Competition on Opening Day for Ages 7-14.
Please register your child HERE.

Famed Yankees slugger Joe DiMaggio once said it best: "You look forward to Opening Day like a birthday party when you're a kid." And as Opening Day closes in, kids are sure to be itching to get outside, swing a bat and fire off a fastball.

MLB's Pitch, Hit & Run -- the league's official skills competition -- can inspire their competitive spirits while also giving them the chance to win some amazing prizes, like a trip to the All-Star Game and Home Run Derby. Registration is now open for the competition, which presents a fun opportunity for kids to showcase their baseball or softball skills on a national stage. Boys and girls ages 7-14 get the chance to play against the best amateur baseball and softball talent in both local and national tournaments. Participants demonstrate their ability to throw strikes with precision, hit off a tee with distance and accuracy, and display blazing speed while running between bases.

Not only is Pitch, Hit & Run a fun way to get outside and be active, but it's very easy to organize: a day-long PHR event can be held by any league, civic group or set of volunteers in a community or neighborhood. 

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