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Stratford Little League- 76 Years of Community

Stratford Little League- 76 Years of Community


Intermediate Division FAQs

What is the intent behind forming the Intermediate Division?

The Intermediate Division was recently formed by Little League International to: (1) provide an opportunity for players to transition incrementally from a 46/60 field to a full size 60/90 baseball field in high school (if they choose to play) ; (2) provide an opportunity for local leagues to offer a more competitive level of baseball during the regular season for advanced players; and (3) allow Little League to adapt with the changing environment of youth baseball.

Additionally, Stratford Little League has noticed players "aging out" after Majors may have limited option and wishes to provide another option for those players to continue playing.

What are the field dimensions?

The pitching distance will be 50 feet (versus 46 feet in the Majors Division, and 60 feet 6 inches for Juniors). Base paths will be 70 feet (versus 60 feet for Majors).

What are the rule differences between the Majors and Intermediate Divisions?

 In the Intermediate Division, base runners are allowed to lead off and to steal at any time (they do not need to wait for the ball to cross the plate). In addition, pitchers and catchers may attempt to pick off a base runner who has led off too far. This makes the game much closer to what players see on tv, while competing on a field that is reasonable for their age.

What ages are eligible to play in the Intermediate Division?

 Players League Age 11-13 are eligible to play in the Intermediate Division.

Update: The Intermediate Division is geared towards 13 year olds, 12 year olds nearing 7th grade and looking to play on a bigger field to prepare for high school, and other league age 12 and 11 players looking for the experience to play on a 50/70 field with open bases. While league age 11 players are eligible, only stronger players after an evaluation done by the league will be allowed to play under those field dimensions, the recommendation would be to let all other 11 year olds continue developing in the Majors.

How many teams does the League expect to field?

This will depend entirely on the number of players who register and the number of coaches who volunteer. We expect to be able to field at least two teams, though we could have three or more, or we may not have enough participation to field a team at all.

If the League determines by the end of Regular Registration that there is not enough participation, league age 11 and 12 players that registered will be notified as soon as possible to give them the option to change their registration to Majors, which may incur additional costs.  League age 13 players will also have the option to play Juniors, although that timeline is not fully determined until we can determine the full number of league age 13 players, as well.

Are players required to try out?

 All players must attend an evaluation be draft-eligible. 

Are oldest players drafted first?

 No.  All draft-eligible players will be placed in an open pool from which managers may draft.

Will separate try-outs/evaluations to be held for the Intermediate Division?

 Some factors may provide a need for separate evaluations. As many players must wait for factors around school ball schedules, some aspects related to the evaluation and drafting of the Intermediate Division may be delayed beyond schedules set for Majors and other divisions.  The League will do all that it can to keep players informed of dates as they can be set.

Update: Intermediate evaluations are tentatively scheduled for Friday, March 23.  Drafts will take place immediately following (either that night or within two days following).

Will the Intermediate schedule be on the same timeline as other divisions?

 Due to some unknown factors in participation and other aspects related to school ball participation by many eligble players, this has not been fully determined. 

How many games will be played, and is there a certain day or night of the week games will be played?

 The expectation is to get 10-15 games in from April-June. It is anticipated that games will be played during the week and weekends. Teams may play 1 or 2 nights a week, as scheduling allows, in order to reach the expected number of games.

The League’s Opening Day is scheduled for mid April, and we would like to be able to begin the Intermediate season at that time.  However, if indications are that we can form the division but must delay to gain sufficient participation, various aspects of the division may be delayed.

 Where will games be played?

Games at Short Beach will be played on Field 1.  Depending on other leagues in the district, SLL may be able to schedule some interleague games which could be played at other fields.

Will there be Intermediate Division Tournament (All-Star) Team?

Given formation of the league and sufficient interest by players to form a tournament team, Yes.  An Intermediate tournament team would have the opportunity to advance through a State level, Regional level, to a World Series (in Livermore, California).

Will players playing Intermediate be eligible for the Little League (10-to-12, Majors) Tournament Team?

Yes.  Intermediate players are eligible for the Little League (10-to-12, Majors) Tournament Team

However, players may be eligible for dual-participation to play in both Majors and Intermediate divisions.  To be eligible for dual-participation, a player must first register for Majors and indicate at registration an option for dual-participation. Note: players indicating dual-participation are not guaranteed to also be selected to an Intermediate team.

Players must also meet certain participation requirements and other eligibility rules in order to be eligible for the Little League tournament team.

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